Solar Submersible Pumps

As compared to AC pump solar DC pump delivers 25% higher water output with No inverter losses and operates at low solar radiation

Solar submersible pumps are typically used for deep well pumping, high pressure sprinkler/ drip irrigation, home water systems, livestock watering, and urban water transfer to overhead tanks.

Spark Solar DC Submersible pumps comprise a comprehensive range of pumps that operates from 500 Wp to 6000 Wp. The pumps are made of SS AISI304 grade and features high quality impellers. The motors are high efficiency brushless DC made from rare earth magnets encapsulated in a hermetically sealed SS casing.

The pumps are operated through advanced state of the art electronic controller with inbuilt MPPT feature. All the pumps are equipped with water level sensors as standard feature which protects the pump from dry run and switches off automatically if overhead tank is full.


  • Automatic Operation and maintenance free
  • 100% copper wire, cold-rolled silicon steel sheet
  • Controller with advanced MPPT and DSP chip technology
  • Dry-running Protection

Innovative MPPT Technology

Maximum Power point Tracking (MPPT) means even and high system efficiency regardless of power source.

Should I use batteries with my solar water pumping system?

Most solar water pumps run directly off solar panels and do not require batteries. Using batteries may complicate an otherwise straight forward application. Instead of storing electricity in batteries to run the solar pump at non-sunny times, it is preferable to store the water in overhead tank. This results in the same effect, water when you need it, with less cost and less complexity.