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About Us

Spark Solar is a globally renowned Indian manufacturer of high-performance solar panels. Capitalizing on its strength in solar panel manufacturing, it is committed to provide panels with unparalleled efficiency, and reliability to enable customers to maximize the returns on their PV projects. With its leading industry experience, continuous effort on R&D, and customer-oriented service Spark Solar is your most trustworthy long-term partner


As one of the world’s best solar panel manufacturer, Spark Solar offers range of solar panels which deliver above average energy yields. Spark Solar panels are used widely across solar installations for utility-scale power plants, businesses and rooftops

Why Choose Spark Solar

Spark Solar’s blend of product quality, innovative features, company reliability and commitment to sustainable future makes us the ideal brand for your solar project. Spark Solar believes in continuously investing in development of new Solar Technologies and advanced Photovoltaic Systems that gives our products a leading edge

Projects & Services

Spark Solar is a leading player in distributed and utility scale solar photovoltaic market. With a proven track record in Development, EPC, Operations and Maintenance Services the company provides 360o turnkey solutions customised to customer's needs

Solar Explained

Why Solar? Because it’s the best solution, both from an economic as well as environmental aspect. Know how Solar works, what goes in the making of the solar panels and the advantages of Solar Energy.